Perennity Patient CD/DVD Production Optimization

Perennity is an extremely stable system for archiving DICOM images, and outputting them digitally to CD/DVD's printed with the patients' information. Perennity has an installed base of thousands of systems world-wide. 

One of the main advantages of Perennity is a system of Modality Profiles. Each Modality has its own profile, which defines not only what is printed on the disk (Modality Type, Study Type, Date , Time   etc.) , but also the latency time for each modality.

Latency time is the period from when the first Dicom picture of a study is downloaded to the Perennity Server to when the system starts to process the disk.

The Perennity Server has no way to know how many pictures are in a study, and there is no indication which is the last picture in a study.  Should Perennity start to process the pictures for burning before the last picture has arrived, the study will be split between two separate disks; the first with the images received up to the initialization of processing, and the second with the images received after processing of the first disk.

The Modality profile enables the user to fine tune the system to produce disks as efficiently as possible.  For a CR or DR with 3-4 images, the latency time can be minimal, and enable production of the disks after 2-3 minutes.  For CT or MRI studies, with a large number of images, the latency time in the profile can be adjusted to ensure that the full study will be burned on a single disk, and not split between two disks.

Thus a medical institution using Perennity for a variety of Modalities can optimize production of its CD/DVD's and reduce the patients waiting time for their customized CD.


January 2017